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Tax day 2024 is April 15

Client Information Sheet

Our Client Information Sheet will help you plan and gather important information that will help us in our upcoming conversation.

Please include a cover letter with the following:
Name, Phone Number & E-mail
Updated Address (if moved)
New Addition to the family (babies name, birth date & social security number)
Include a voided check for refund to be direct deposited (optional)

Documents & Info needed for return
W-2’s, 1099’s
Interest & Dividends (Forms: 1099INT/ 1099 DIV)
Brokerage Account Statements (1099B Very Important)
IRA Contributions
*Unemployment- Needs a 1099G Tax Form (*needs to be printed it out on www.njuifile.net)

If retired:
Social Security Statement
Pensions (1099R)
IRA Distributions

Mortgage Interest and Taxes
Total Charitable Contributions
Medical Totals- (Must be the Total Sum not individual receipts)
Includes: Dental, Vision, and Health Ins. Premium, Long Term Care, Doctors and Prescriptions
College Tuition: Important to have the 1098T Form
*(Student/Child may have received this form from their school, usually via email) 1095 A – Insurance form if Insurance purchased through Marketplace

Estimated Federal and State Tax payments (for year 2022)
April 1, 2022- January 15, 2023

New Clients need: (In addition to the above)
Last year’s tax return
Date of Birth & Social Security # of everyone in Household